Resize Image For Printing - resize in mm, cm, inch

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Dots per inch . Higher DPI produce clearer and more detailed image. For printing recommended is 300 dpi.

This online tool helps you prepare the perfect photo for printing.

After taking a photo you have it in pixels (px). To print a picture you need the picture in mm, cm, or inches.

How to use our photo resizer for printing?

  1. Set the desired photo size in mm, cm, or inches
  2. Set dpi resolution
  3. Resize the photo

Important points:

  • 300 dpi (dots per inch) is recommended for printing
  • to avoid distortion, make sure the photo maintains the aspect ratio
  • the best formats for printing photos are JPEG or TIFF
  • print the pictures in a professional photo lab, because they are using better quality printers

We hope our photo resizer for printers helps you persist your memories on great-looking physical photos.