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Compress Image

Image Compressor - makes image smaller

Simple Image Compressor is online application which reduces image size. You can compress image:

  • using default options - just select the image and click "compress image" button.
    Default option finds sweet spot between image file size and image quality.
  • or defining options like image width and/or height.
    If you define only one value (width or height) the second one will be calculated based on image aspect ratio.

Simple Image Compressor helps you:

  • reduce your photos/pictures/images file size,
  • reduce your assets size,
  • save disk space on the computer or the phone (Android, iPhone),
  • make your documents smaller (eg. word documents, pdf documents, scanned documents, etc.),
  • make your webpage or blog smaller and you pay less for your hosting server,
  • reduce your bandwidth consumption,
  • share faster your images.